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Enjoy school :)
Sun, 04 Dec 2011 22:04:06 -0500 Lauren Sears Omg, Brandon. Legit heard you on Pandora. I'm in theory right now with Bri and Gabe looking at your commercial and blog; Bri thinks you're such a goober and she loves you, and can't wait to see you tomorrow for her tour of the NIAGARA campus! Anyways, peace out. Peace and blessings, peace and blessings. Thu, 10 Nov 2011 13:55:30 -0500 JON NORRIS!~!~!~!~!~!~ Hey Brandon: Nice Family Picture. Hey I saw your commercial and I love it. Good job - this stardom is certainly running in the family - Joe the butcher!!! See you soon - keep up the good work. Love You Miss You Karen Tussing Wed, 02 Nov 2011 16:49:59 -0400 Karen Tussing