Academic Counseling for Student-Athletes

The Academic Counseling program for student-athletes is designed to provide academic support for team members of Niagara University's 17 sport programs and assist them in managing their academic responsibilities. Based on evaluations at individual meetings, student-athletes are taught new techniques geared toward academic success and/or are referred to appropriate academic support within the Office of Academic Support.

Upon arrival to campus in the fall, all freshmen participate in the first-year program for student-athletes. This new program which began in the fall of 2002 is an attempt to be more proactive in Niagara's pursuit to increase the academic success of our athletes. Athletes are counseled via workshops and at least three individual meetings throughout the fall semester

In the spring semester, selected student-athletes are enrolled in a more intensive monitoring program in which individual meetings occur on a weekly basis until satisfactory academic progress is established.

The academic counselor for student-athletes serves as the liaison with athletic administration on the support of the academic needs of student-athletes, the monitoring of selected student athletes and helping coaches understand the special academic issues of student-athletes and their role in helping team members manage those responsibilities.