Add/Drop Policy

Financial Liability

When a student registers, it is understood that he or she will pay, in full, all charges assumed at registration. Failure to attend classes does not alter the charges or entitle the student to a refund. You will not be permitted to receive your grades, transcripts, or diploma unless your student account is satisfied in full.

Adding a class

After the semester begins, a student may add a class, but they must complete the add/drop form. Please see Add/Drop Procedures for further information. The class added will be billed at the current year’s rate.

Dropping a class

A student may drop a class once the semester begins, but they must complete the add/drop form. Please see Add/Drop Procedures for further information. For undergraduate students dropping a class from within block tuition and are staying within block tuition, then there will be no tuition adjustments. If a student drops a sixth class and adds another class after the add/drop period, they will be charged partial charges for the dropped class. If the student drops an overload class (a class that made their semester hours greater then block tuition, 19 or more) or they are a part-time undergraduate or graduate student then the tuition will be adjusted according to the table below.   All VA students should see Rob Healy, Niagara's veterans services coordinator, before dropping a class to prevent overpayment of benefits from the VA.

If the student drops the course:

Summer 2014

After ThePercentage of Tuition Refund
First class 100%
Second class 90%
Third class 80%
Fourth class 70%
Fifth/sixth class 60%
Seventh class 50%
Eighth/Ninth class 40%
Tenth class 0%

Fall 2014

WeekCourse Withdrawal Tuition Refund
Sept.  2 - 13 100%
Sept. 14 - 20 90%
Sept. 21 - 27 80%
Sept.  28 - Oct. 4 60%
Oct.  5 - 11 40%
Oct. 12 - 18 20%
Oct. 29 to the end of the semester 0%

Spring 2015

WeekCourse  Revision Tuition Refund
Jan. 19 — 31 100%
Feb. 1 - 7 90%
Feb. 8 - 14 80%
Feb.15 - 21 60%
Feb. 22 - 28 40%
March 1 - 7 20%
March  8 to the end of the semester 0%

The Add/Drop period

Students may drop courses with no penalty during the official drop/add period. This is for the period  Sept.  2-12, 2014, for the fall semester, and Jan. 19-31, 2015, for the spring semester. After the end of the drop/add period, students are refunded following the table above under course withdrawal column.

The above course revision policy, in general, applies to part-time students (enrolled in less than 12 semester hours) and graduate students. **If a student should decide to withdraw from a course after the drop/add period and add another course, he/she will be refunded for the course dropped according to the above schedule and will be charged the full hourly rate for the course added. Full-time students who are making course changes and remain full time receive no adjustment to tuition. Adjustments are made if the student drops to a part-time status or drops overload classes according to the above schedule. The refund schedule for the summer session is contained in the summer catalogue.

**Students enrolled in accelerated courses should contact the Student Accounts Office for the appropriate refund schedule.