Additional Qualifications Courses

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Our ongoing professional learning program is aimed at providing teachers with opportunities for professional development through Additional Qualifications (AQs) and Additional Basic Qualification (ABQs) accredited through the Ontario College of Teachers.

Niagara University has served Ontario education for over 25 years, offering its M.S. in Education: Educational Leadership Program and, more recently, its Teacher Education Bachelor's Degree Program: Bachelor of Professional Studies.

Niagara University is firmly committed to ongoing professional learning and is pleased to provide AQ and ABQ courses for teachers to expand and enhance their skills and qualifications and to undertake professional development in core areas as well as three-part specialist qualifications for teachers who aspire to be curriculum leaders in their schools. AQ and ABQ courses provide teachers the opportunity to focus on curriculum design and development, leadership in design and delivery of programs and to prepare for leadership positions as coordinators for particular courses/programs.