Advice for Seniors

Advice for Seniors

Senior year is full of opportunities, but sometimes getting to graduation and trying to make decisions about the future can be a stressful process. The following advice may assist you in making sure your senior year goes as smoothly as possible.

Check your NU email account regularly

  • Official notices and correspondence regarding graduation will be sent to that account.
  • Be sure to respond to emails from the Dean's Office staff.

Match your schedule to your senior check requirements

  • If your courses do not correspond to those outlined in your senior check, you may not be on track to graduate.
  • Be careful when dropping and adding classes as a senior. Doing so can affect your ability to graduate if your final schedule does not fit with your senior check requirements.

Qualifying seniors can take graduate courses as an undergraduate

  • Seniors with a 3.0 GPA or higher may opt to take one (1) graduate course per semester (2 maximum) in any of our graduate programs. Seniors must already be enrolled at least 12 undergraduate credits at the time. These courses must be beyond your degree requirements outlined in your senior check. Essentially, they must be extra courses that don't fit on your undergraduate curriculum card.    
  • Students interested in the M.S. in criminal justice administration should apply to the B.S./M.S. program, which allows up to three graduate courses to count as advised electives.  
  • Students interested in the MBA should take the prerequisite undergraduate courses for the program, which can waive some of the graduate prerequisite courses.

Avoid late registration, if at all possible

  • Utilize your seniority to register early to avoid closed classes.  
  • Check for registration holds and resolve ahead of time, if possible.
  • If you have problems registering online, don't just wait until later. Seek out help from your advisor, Records & Financial Services, or the Dean's Office.
  • Submit for independent study/co-op/honors thesis paperwork in as soon as possible, especially in the spring semester as it will help us track you toward graduation.

Check that all your transfer/AP/study abroad credit is posted on myNU

  • Making sure your credits are properly posted on your transcript, ensures that you have the correct credits in the system for registration and graduation purposes.
  • Mailed transcripts can sometimes take weeks to arrive. If you have the ability to visit the college, bringing an official transcript in a sealed envelope is a quicker option, especially at the last minute.

Be careful in your final courses and get help if you need it

  • Attend all your courses and do the work yourself and on time. Don't risk your graduation by skipping class, submitting work that isn't your own, or losing points on late assignments.
  • Double check your midterm grades to be sure that you are doing well in all your classes.
  • Keep in touch with your faculty to maintain a sense of how you are doing and, if you are struggling, talk with them to see if you can develop a plan to get yourself back on track.

Your minor(s) should appear at the top of your transcript if officially declared

  • Log into myNU  to declare your minors (Academic tab).
  • myNU only lists one minor. Your transcript will list up to three minors. If you need to verify more minors, please contact  Records & Financial Services.
  • To remove an unwanted minor, send an email request from your NU account to

Learn & Serve requirement (3 Hours)

  • Graduation requires three hours of community service integrated into courses or other community service projects that are recognized by the  Learn & Serve Office  (located in the Presidential Lounge of O'Shea Hall). Check with them to make sure that you have enough hours logged in.
  • Diplomas will be held for students who still have to complete this requirement.

NUB/NUS 102 requirement

  • All students who began as first-year students at NU are required to complete your NUB/NUS requirement. If you did not complete the course successfully, contact Dr. Stephanie Wichart at 716.286.8090 to determine what is necessary to satisfy the requirement.
  • This requirement does not apply to transfer students who were enrolled full-time at their other institution.
  • Diplomas will be held for students  who still have to complete this requirement.