Africana Studies

Africana Studies is the academic analysis of the global diaspora of African-descended people and culture. This includes, but is not limited to the African, African American, and Caribbean experience. Africana Studies uses a variety of innovative methods and approaches from the social sciences, natural sciences and humanities to examine issues, challenges and viewpoints of these groups. Africana Studies also examines subjects concerning political, economic and social transitions and mechanisms of social change.

The term "Africana" integrates three areas of focus within the program; African, African American and diaspora. The African diaspora consists of people of African origin outside the African continent, and is studied using a comparative approach. Overall our program seeks to provide Niagara University students with a multidisciplinary framework through which they can study the experiences of African peoples and their descendants. The program's offerings range across the traditional fields of history, literature, theatre, political science, sociology, communication studies and education.