Applied Fine Arts


The Liberal Arts Model Major in Applied Fine Arts offers students the opportunity to develop their artistic skills. By taking courses in two or three academic disciplines, students will be able to learn and refine their ability to produce art in several different ways. Students completing Liberal Arts Model Major in Applied Fine Arts will be preparing for a career as an artist or an advanced degree in Fine Arts.


Students may elect to complete the major with either the two-discipline or three-discipline track. Students electing the two-discipline track will select six courses in Fine Arts from the list below and five in either Theatre Studies or Communication Studies. Students that opt for the threediscipline track will select five courses in Fine Arts from the list below and three courses in two of the following fields: Communications Studies or Theatre Studies. All students will be required to complete the Liberal Arts Seminar (LAM 499 or LAM 403/404). At least two courses beyond the Senior Seminar 499 must be at the 300 or 400 level.

In addition to coursework required by the Applied Fine Arts Model Major, students will also be required to complete all requirements of the Liberal Arts Program. For specific degree requirements unique to the Liberal Arts Program, consult the description of the program in this catalogue.

Fine Arts

  • FAA 170 Painting Workshop
  • FAA 171 Advanced Painting Workshop
  • FAA 190 Hand Papermaking: History and Art Form
  • FAA 207 Women in Art FAA 220 Foundations of Drawing
  • FAA 240 Independent Study in Fine Arts (research project)
  • FAA 245 Water Media

Communications Studies

  • CMS 300 Art and History of Film
  • CMS 340 Photography
  • CMS 345 Video Production and Laboratory
  • CMS 440 Advanced Photography
  • CMS 445 Advanced Video Production

Theatre Studies

  • THR 217 Scene Design
  • THR 218 Theatrical Scenic Painting
  • THR 228 Theatre Graphics
  • THR 241 Costume Design
  • THR 243 Costume Construction