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EDU 682 TQ – Bullying/Cyberbullying - Hybrid

October 8 - November 27, 2012
5:00pm — 9:00pm
Dunleavy Hall – Room 329

Bullying is one of the most important issues facing our families, schools, communities and society today, yet most teachers-in-training and experienced educators have not taken a class, or training on these issues. This course will help educators and mental health professionals better understand the issue of bullying and develop strategies for identifying and addressing bullying in their schools and counseling interventions

This course will provide participants an introduction to some of the best research, information, helpful resources and practical strategies about bullying and cyber bullying. This course will be offered as a class that meets in the classroom as well as online. Online portion will expose the role of technologies and its impact of cyber bullying.

Dates: October 8, 15, 22, 29, November 13, 27

Instructor: Elizabeth Kinan

Tuition: $1,000.00 per course (Non-matriculated students only)

To register: call (716) 286-8309 or (716) 286-8560 or email kgroff@mail.niagara.edu