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Dr. Brian P. Bennett

Moscow monument to Saints Cyril and Methodius, creators of the Cyrillic alphabet

Dr. Brian P. Bennett

Professor & Chair of Religious Studies



Dr. Brian Bennett is Professor of Religious Studies and currently chair of the department.

A native of California, Bennett earned his B.A. summa cum laude from Princeton and his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. He has taught at NU since 2001.  Bennett's research attempts to combine elements drawn from both comparative religion and sociolinguistics.  His book Religion and Language in Post-Soviet Russia (Routledge) offered a conspectual view of the revitalization of Church Slavonic after Communism.  Bennett has also studied the connections between Esperanto and various religious/utopian movements.  His current project (under contract with Wiley Blackwell) is a general introduction to the phenomenon of sacred languages, traversing Latin, Pali, Arabic, and other examples.

His courses include

  • REL 101 Introduction to Religion
  • REL 206 World Religions
  • REL 250 Comparative Religion
  • REL 280 Religion/Language/Music
  • REL 399 Topic: Cults