2014 — 2015  B.F.A. Auditions & Interviews

For prospective and transfer students seeking entry into the BFA Performance or BFA Design/Technology programs for the 2015-2016 academic year, applicants are required to audition (Performance) and/or present a portfolio review (Design/Technology). Information regarding registration for the BFA Auditions & interviews will be sent out once a prospective student has been accepted to university.

Date: Saturday, Feb. 21, 2015, or Saturday, Feb. 28, 2015

Time: 9:30 a.m.   (We expect the day will not go past 4 p.m.)

Place: Elizabeth Ann Clune Center for Theatre, Niagara University

Performance Applicant Requirements  

  1. Monologue: One-minute monologue of your choice from a play, prepared and memorized. Not to exceed 2 minutes.
  2. Vocal: 32-64 bars preferably from a musical (no opera, please). An accompanist will be provided. Please bring your sheet music. Singing a cappella or with a taped accompaniment will not be permitted.
  3. Movement (Dance and Stage Combat): This audition will be utilized to assess dance and movement placement. A short dance combination will be taught, followed by a master class in stage combat. Please wear standard dance attire or clothing that permits ease of movement, as well as appropriate footwear (athletic sneakers for stage combat).

All applicants for the B.F.A. Performance program are required to submit a current headshot or photo and resume.

Design/Technology Applicant Requirements

Each applicant for the design/technology program will meet with the design faculty for 30 minutes to present a prepared portfolio. Additionally, applicants should be prepared to discuss their theatre experience, career aspirations and expectations at NU.

The portfolio should include a maximum of 15 samples that primarily reflect the applicant’s technical theatre production experience. Some examples of materials that might be included are:

  • Resume of applicant’s theatre production experience.
  • Production photographs that showcase applicant’s work (sets, costumes, props, lighting, etc.).
  • Technical drawings of elements designed by the applicant (sets, costumes, props, light plots, etc.).
  • Audio samples and documentation of sound designed by the applicant.
  • Stage manager prompt book generated by the applicant.
  • Additional theatre paperwork generated by the applicant such as run crew notes, prop lists, sound cue lists, etc.
  • Photographs or examples of applicant’s artwork.
  • Letters of recommendation

All applicants for the B.F.A. design/technology program are required to submit a resume and letters of recommendation.

* Those applicants who attend either one of the Audition/Interview dates will also be considered for a Niagara University Theatre Scholarship. There are a number of these scholarships available for incoming and transfer students, each valued at approximately one-quarter tuition and renewable each year.

For more information, please contact Adriano Gatto, artist-in-residence, at 716.286.8481 or