Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance (Student Accident & Property)

Print Motor Vehicle Release Form and Fax over to Christina Templin, 286-8764, with a copy of your drivers license


Any vendor working on our campus must submit a certificate of insurance to Business Services prior to commencing any work. Please call Business Services at 286-8365 to assist in getting certificates of insurance.

A Facility Use Agreement must be filled out when any facility is used on campus.

If a student athlete is injured he/she will be instructed what to do by the athletic trainer on campus. See Athletic Injury page on our website for more details.


Contact Cataract Travel Planners at 298-5490 to make the reservations.  Submit to Business Services the approved travel authorization form for processing.


Please stop by the Business Services office located in Alumni Hall for your cash refund.

Please call Maria Hamilton at 286-8366 and she will call-in a repair order.

Call Maria Hamiton at 286-8366 and she will call in a repair order.