Classes and Programs

Certificate of Applied Urban Ministry Program

February 26, 2013 – May 9, 2013
Dunleavy 211
716-286-8181 to register

The Certificate of Applied Urban Ministry Program is a professional development certificate program designed by the faith communities of Niagara Falls and Buffalo in cooperation with Niagara University.

The course design is conceptualized as a “mini-seminary.” Its purpose will be to develop a set of applied skills to make pastors and lay Christian leaders more effective in efforts to animate and lead their communities. Instructors are selected from different denominations and areas of expertise in order to bring a comprehensive view to church leadership, faith and the people who support their churches.

Applications are now being accepted through the download or by calling us at 286-8181 to request information.

Other Fee:
$5 — For prior students who wish to complete their certificate