Certificate Levels

Leader Certificates

The EAGLE curriculum is designed as a four year developmental process leading students from dependence, to independence, toward interdependence. To become a leader requires developing the outer skills to lead and the inner qualities to be a leader. This process is intended for those who are willing to commit to an adventure of inner discovery that will unfold into an outer journey of accomplishment. Students will move through self-exploration, to skill development, to team applications, to mentoring others. The process will address being a leader (personal development) and leading (developing the skills to lead). Workshops will incorporate active learning methods. Participants will be given tools for continued development and practice outside of the workshops.

The EAGLE program is a four-year developmental process that takes into account the growing maturity of students as they progress through their college experience. Students must complete each level in order. The White level is open to freshmen and all other students who have not achieved this level of certification. Gold is open to sophomores and juniors and seniors who have not yet achieved this level of recognition. Purple is open to juniors and seniors. Mentor is for seniors.

  • Year 1 - White, (self-development): Being A Leader
  • Year 2 - Gold, (skill development): Ways To Lead
  • Year 3 - Purple, (group development): Sharing Leadership
  • Year 4 - Mentor, (application): Leading

Those pursuing an EAGLE leader certificate commit to:

  • Attending all the core sessions for the desired certificate level.
  • Completing all follow-up assignments.
  • Participating on an EAGLE Leader team.
  • Periodic individual progress reviews.

Personal Leadership Certificate

A series of workshops entitled Lead Your Life is open to all Niagara University students. This series focuses on self-leadership. The Personal Leadership Certificate is awarded to those who attend at least ten of the workshops in the series and submit a report of what was learned and applied from the workshops.

Lead Your Life

  • Who am I? (Identity)
  • What do I care about? (Passion)
  • Why am I here? (Purpose)
  • What do I want to accomplish? (Goals)
  • How do I succeed? (Planning)
  • How do I know I am successful? (Assessment)
  • What are my values? (Values)
  • What motivates me? (Motivation)
  • How do I act responsibly? (Civility)
  • How do I use my time? (Time Management)
  • How do I stay healthy? (Wellness)
  • How do I contribute to the world? (Service)

Leader Scholar Certificate

The Leader Scholar Certificate is awarded to those students who earn at least the Purple Certificate and complete all requirements for the Interdisciplinary Minor in Leadership.

Vincentian Leader Certificate

The purpose of the  Vincentian Leader initiative is to develop servant leaders committed to the alleviation of poverty in its many forms following the example of St. Vincent de Paul. Vincentian Leaders work in collaboration with other campus and community leaders to address issues related to poverty and to raise the awareness of others of such issues. Active EAGLE Leaders who have earned at least the White Certificate are eligible to join the ranks of the Vincentian Leaders.

Master Leader Certificate

The Master Leader development process is open to all Niagara University graduate students. The process is customized to meet the specific learning goals of each student. Participants in the process receive personalized mentoring on the skills of leading and how to think as a leader.

For more info or to participate in the leader or management processes, send an email to eagle@niagara.edu.