Program Information

A solid preparation in chemistry is essential for those in most scientific areas. Niagara's department of biochemistry and chemistry offers courses and programs that provide preprofessional training for students of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, pharmacology and other health sciences. This strong chemistry background also prepares students for graduate school, or positions in business, industry, pollution control, and ecology. The chemistry concentration is complemented with a full liberal arts program. Courses in liberal arts introduce students to a comprehensive body of knowledge, preparing them for our constantly changing and complex society.Four tracks of study are available to undergraduates, leading to the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry, Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, and Education. In addition, there is an American Chemical Society (ACS) approved degree program in Chemistry.

  • B.S. - Chemistry
  • B.A. - Chemistry
  • Education
  • B.S. - Biochemistry
  • B.A. - Chemistry (4+1)
  • B.S. - Chemistry : Concentration in Computational Chemistry
  • B.S. - Biochemistry: Concentration in Bioinformatics