CIS News & Research


Although Niagara is primarily a teaching school, research has a prominent role on our campus and in our department. We are proud of our faculty's and our students' activity in research. Recent CIS research achievements are discussed on this page.

Areas of Activity

  • Computer Crime and Ethics: The use of computer networks to spread viruses and other "malware," commit fraud and identity theft, make illegal copies of software, etc., is a large and growing problem in modern life. Prof. Wagner conducts research in these areas.
  • Computers in Society: How are computers changing business and social practices? Prof. Wagner investigates such questions.
  • Networks and Information Security: As modern society depends on computer networks, problems of computer crime, privacy, et al., loom large.   Prof. Lovaas specializes in these areas.
  • Computer Forensics and digital investigation is increasingly becoming a major part of our society.   Technologies and methods for such investigations must be identified and tested.   Prof. Lovaas is a certified forensics examiner and works and conducts research in the computer forensics field.
  • Mathematical Theory of Computing: This is an umbrella for several areas of modern research. Prof. Boxer is active in the following areas:
    • Algorithms: This is the study of computer solutions and the resources they require (time, memory, and accuracy in the case of an approximate solution). Among Prof. Boxer's interests are algorithms for parallel computers, computational geometry, image processing, search/find operations, and matrix computations.
    • Digital Topology: This may be thought of as a mathematical theory of the geometric properties of digital images.
  • Scientific Applications:
    • Bioinformatics: This area of research uses computers to study problems in biology and biochemistry that require massive computing resources. Problems in this realm come from areas such as genetics and drug design. Prof. Boxer's search algorithms are motivated, in part, by problems in genetics.
    • Lightning Phenomena: Access to NASA image databases has helped Prof. Boeck make fundamental contributions to the world's understanding of lightning.

Student Research

The CIS faculty does research with students on a regular basis through thesis work or other projects with industry or on-campus activities. Please contact the faculty member individually if you have an interest in research.