Faculty Resources

The following  collection of resources is meant to assist full and part-time faculty in the College of Arts & Sciences. Attempts to link directly to other sites on the NU website have been made when applicable.  Further questions can be  addressed to  department chairs  or the A&S Dean's Office. Suggestions for additional  content or links  may be emailed to jps@niagara.edu.  

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Student academic information is protected by FERPA and faculty/staff cannot discuss it with parents or other third parties without specific permission. Log into myNU and click on FERPA to determine whether a current student has indicated that academic information can be released to a specific person. If no FERPA waiver is present, suggest that the person have a conversation with the student to see if the student would be willing to add them to the myNU waiver. In the case of parents/guardians of dependant students, please refer the inquiring parties to the Records Office (716) 286-8730 or the University General Counsel (716) 286-8384 to verify their dependent status. Please note that References cannot include academic information about students without a waiver. Students may sign a reference waiver through myNU. For alumni or former students who do not have access to myNU, please use utilize the PDF form indicated below.