Senior Year

Senior year offers up a lot of opportunities for students to get involved on campus, whether it be research, internships/co-ops, labwork, or theatre productions. Students with a 3.0 GPA or higher can even take advantage of some graduate courses. Utilizing these opportunities and the resources available in the Career Services Office can help you get a jump on the job/graduate school search.

Mandatory Senior Checks

A senior check should be completed when you reach 80 credits or you are about two semesters before you plan to graduate. The later you complete a senior check in your senior year, the less opportunities are available to identify and/or solve any issues that might arise.

  • Graduate in May or August: Complete the check in the summer, August, September, or October of the previous year.

  • Graduate in January: Complete the senior check in January/February of the previous year.

  • Part-Time Students or students in majors with labs may show up earlier on these lists.  In such cases, you should plan to complete it at least two semesters before graduating.

You must complete both the diploma survey and the senior check meeting in the Dean's office to satisfy your senior check requirement.

Part 1: Senior Check Survey (Click Here to Complete It Now)

This survey (Approximately 10-15 minutes) collects relevant diploma/commencement information necessary for your degree and helps us to evaluate and improve the college. You must complete the entire online survey (some questions are optional).

  • Access the survey here:

  • If you have trouble accessing the survey or need assistance, please let us know by emailing

  • Please notify us of future changes to your information by emailing

  • Note: One open-ended question asks about your activities since entering Niagara University (university and community activities, honors, awards, clubs and organizations, leadership positions, research collaborations, etc.). This is reviewed for certain awards at graduation. If you wish, you can jot down ideas ahead of time or cut and paste info from your resume. Alternatively, you can bring in a list/resume, when you have your senior check appointments or email any updates to

Part 2: Senior Check Appointment/Contract (Call 716.286.8060)

At the senior check appointment, you will sit down one on one to review your curriculum. The proactive contract is a formal review of your completed coursework and official degree requirements where we can answer questions, identify your remaining requirements, possible minors, possibilities for graduate courses, etc.  The format is similar, but more formal than the student checks we offer every semester. To schedule an appointment:

  • Call 716.286.8060
  • Stop by the Dean’s Office (Dunleavy 315) 
  • Email (include multiple times that you are free so we can slot you directly into the schedule when we receive your email)
  • The diploma survey must be completed prior to your meeting.

Follow Your Senior Check Requirements/Updates

Senior checks provide a clear list of what is required for graduation, so please make sure to use it to check your future schedules. A second check is not required, but it can be updated if you wish to double-check your path to graduation, or still have questions. Remember that you will need to make up courses if you fail or withdraw from a course since signing your original senior check.

Other Advice for Seniors

  1. Get involved in all that Niagara has to offer.
  2. Participate in our Undergraduate Research Conference.
  3. Review Our Advice for Seniors
  4. Explore Career Planning for A&S Majors and take advantage of Career Services.
  5. Join us on Social Media
  6. Check out our notes about commencement
  7. Learn more about Commencement