UG Research Conference

The Undergraduate Research Conference:

The Undergraduate Research Conference is an annual spring event planned by the Niagara University Honors Program, which highlights student research in both poster and panel presentations.   It is an opportunity for all students to present on topics of interest to them including research projects that they are working on within their classes or jointly with professors.

The goals of the Conference are:

  1. to facilitate student intellectual development, especially research and presentation skills;
  2. to enhance research activities at the undergraduate level;
  3. to help prepare students for graduate and professional school; and
  4. to foster mentoring activities between undergraduate students and their faculty research advisors

Presentations may be based on term papers, class projects, independent study projects, or Honors theses. The Conference has been scheduled to accommodate work conducted in either the Fall or Spring semesters. Each student may present his or her research in one of two formats. With both formats there is an opportunity for questions and discussion.

Panel Presentations:

The student can give a 15-minute talk as part of a panel of three to four students doing similar research.

Poster Presentations:

The student  may also  prepare a poster presentation with a summary of his or her research results. Details about how to sign up for the conference will be available in the spring semester. If you have any questions about the conference or how to sign up, please do not hesitate to contact Maggie McGurk at 286-8629 or