College of Arts & Sciences

Niagara University's College of Arts and Sciences offers a rich array of degree programs, minors, and courses that encourage students to grow and develop into well-rounded, multi-talented individuals.


College of Business Administration

Prepare for productive roles in business and the community through our active, integrative programs. Immerse yourself in a business education that makes a difference.


College of Education

The College of Education offers undergraduate and graduate programs at Niagara University and their Ontario Campus. These programs lead to dynamic careers that directly make a difference in the lives of children, youth, families and our community.


College of Hospitality & Tourism Management

The College of Hospitality and Tourism Management, in Niagara University's liberal arts tradition of broadly educating students for a global environment, instills character and values required for responsible decision - making in personal and professional activities. The liberal arts core develops…


Undecided? Check Out the Academic Exploration Program!

The Academic Exploration Program was developed over a decade ago to support students who are undecided or are not quite ready to commit to an academic major. The AEP advising staff is dedicated to helping students find the area of study that best suits each individual.  Visit the Academic Exploration Program page to learn more about this award winning program.