Mission and Goals


Consistent with the mission of Niagara University and the College of Business Administration, the Department of Commerce seeks to prepare students for successful management and leadership roles in business. The commerce department provides a broadly based academic foundation as well as discipline specific knowledge, values, and skills necessary for beginning a business career upon graduation.

Student Learning Outcomes

To help achieve our mission, the following student learning outcomes have been established:

  1. Information Literacy: Students will demonstrate usage of appropriate databases and information sources necessary for their field.
  2. Analytical Ability: Students will demonstrate ability to analyze information and engage in critical thinking.
  3. Written Communication: Students will demonstrate writing ability.
  4. Oral Communication: Students will demonstrate oral communication ability.
  5. Knowledge of the field: Students will demonstrate knowledge of the field of their concentration or major.
  6. Ethics: Students will evaluate and understand ethical issues in business decisions.