Contracts & Designated Signers

Niagara University Contract Signing Procedure and Authority

Any contract entered into by Niagara University, regardless of the financial amount or conditions involved, must be executed pursuant to this policy.  Contracts not signed in accordance with this policy shall be subject to revocation.   

Prior to signing, all contracts must be reviewed by the university's General Counsel and then signed by one of the following officers of the university: the President, the Executive Vice President, the Vice President for Administration, or those employees with the delegated authority to do so (as listed below). 

Standing delegations of signing authority from the President:

  • The Vice President for Academic Affairs may sign academic articulation agreements.
  • The Vice President for Advancement may sign contracts involving $100,000 or less.
  • The Director of Business Services may sign contracts involving $100,000.00 or less.
  • The Director of Facilities may sign contracts involving $100,000.00 or less;
  • the Assistant Director of Facilities may sign change orders on facilities' contracts when the amount of the change is less than $10,000.00.
  • The Director and Curator of the Castellani Art Museum may sign contracts as provided by the Museum's Collections Management Policy, including contracts for accession, de-accession, and the loan of works either to or from the Museum.
  • The Director of the Theater may sign contracts pertaining to theatrical performances involving $10,000.00 or less and with a duration of no more than one year.  
  • The Director of Athletics may sign contracts arranging athletic games.
  • The Director of Campus Activities may sign contracts related to campus events and entertainment, and off-campus student events, involving $10,000.00 or less and with a duration of no more than one year.
  • The Director of Advancement Services may sign contracts and releases related to wills, bequests, and trusts.
  • The Director of Human Resources may sign letters of hire, termination and other matters relating to individual employment.
  • The Director of Ontario Programs may sign certifications and other documentation related to the Ontario Student Assistance Program.

Contract Review Steps

Please scan and e-mail a copy to the GC office by e-mailing it to, otherwise, a faxed copy is fine.  Please do not send originals, and please know that we will not forward your contract to either the designated signer, or other party, for signature.  Final signatures and compliance are the responsibility of the NU employee arranging the contract . Please retain your original copy, so you can send it to the designated signer once the legal review is complete. 

In order to keep things moving, please let the General Counsel's office know if you are working with a deadline, and any other special considerations you would appreciate.  Feedback from the GC will be sent to the submitter and designated signer; once a contract is signed, please send a fully-executed copy to Business Services.

Steps once the agreement is finalized and signed.

A scanned copy of the final, fully signed agreement should be sent to the General Counsel's office. The final, original signed agreement should be sent to Business Services for storage.

How can I get a copy later?

Your contract will be posted on the myNU contracts database. If you are the contact person or department head, you can simply log into myNU and obtain a copy as needed. This database also tracks termination dates, exclusive provisions, ancillary documents, and insurance requirements--so if you get correspondence or documentation that is critical to your contract, send it along, and we'll help you track it.