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Playing guitar, listening to music, reading, and travelling

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Glee, Dance Moms, Desperate Housewives, Pretty Little Liars and South of Nowhere

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Paramore, Tegan and Sara, Go Radio, Mayday Parade

Crystal Lorenzo

Argentina Living

on October 22, 2013

Hello again, everyone! I'm currently writing this blog post from my room in Buenos Aires, Argentina! I've been spending my fall semester here, which is already in the home stretch. I arrived here in June for a month-long intensive language program...


Awards, Concerts, and Music!

Posted by Crystal Lorenzo on April 14, 2013

The stress has absolutely begun to pile on as we have only two more weeks of classes. Seriously, where has the time gone? The past two weeks have been pretty exciting. Last Friday, I had the Sigma Alpha Sigma (President's Honor Society) induction...


Spring Break in the Big Apple!

Posted by Crystal Lorenzo on March 25, 2013

Spring break has come and gone, but I did get to go to New York City! I went with a group of about 13 students and a few professors to present our psychology research. We went to the Eastern Psychological Association Conference at the Marriott...


Concerts, Road Trips, and TWLOHA

Posted by Crystal Lorenzo on February 18, 2013

Get ready for an excitement-packed blog post, filled with excessive exclamation points, the word “amazing,” and an unnecessary amount of all CAPS (and maybe a combination of the three)! This past Saturday, a few members of To Write Love on Her...


Sprinkles of Fun

Posted by Crystal Lorenzo on February 6, 2013

Hello there! This is going to be a pretty short post because the last two weeks have been jam-packed full of stress, homework and obligations. Some exciting things that have gone on are that I handed in my application for study abroad, went to Boston...


Study Abroad, NYC and Trips!

Posted by Crystal Lorenzo on January 28, 2013

Hello there again! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and some time off! For me, I definitely had a good and exciting break. In only four weeks, I became an adult! Okay, maybe a complete transformation did not take place, but I definitely...


Holiday Inspiration

Posted by Crystal Lorenzo on November 30, 2012

So here we are on the home stretch of the semester! Last week was Thanksgiving break, which was awesome - and MUCH needed! I got a lot of cuddle time in with my kitty so that, of course, made everything INSTANTLY wonderful. However, break did have to...


Open Mic Nite Excitement!

Posted by Crystal Lorenzo on November 11, 2012

So the highlight of the past two weeks definitely had to be Open Mic Nite last Thursday! My friend Mike and I (pictured to the left before hand) performed Look After You by The Fray. I played guitar and he sang, and it was awesome! We've been...


Nature, Corn Mazes, Movies, and Pumpkins!

Posted by Crystal Lorenzo on October 28, 2012

So we meet again on this lovely October day! Fall is so perfect. The leaves which begun to fall so that they scatter around the ground but still leave the trees looking full. There's nothing better. Weather like this turns my whole mood around, and I...


Mental Health Awareness Week Extravanganza

Posted by Crystal Lorenzo on October 12, 2012

Happy Mental Health Awareness Week! I hope you all had a jolly week and had a chance to learn something about mental health, and if not, let this be your chance! I promised that this post was going to be better than the last, and it will be! I've had...