Design / Technology

Sound boardUnder the guidance of working professionals, theatre design/technology students focus not only on the studio/classroom coursework, but also receive hands-on individualized training in all aspects of theatre design: costumes, lighting, scenery and sound.

Each design/technology student must complete a practicum every semester, where theory is put into practice in key positions in the departmental productions. Various opportunities exist for assisting faculty designers and learning through independent study design experiences.

Graduates of the design/technology sequence may continue with advanced training on the professional or graduate level, or immediately pursue careers in design, technology, or theatre education.

B.F.A. - Design Technology Degree Requirements

General Education Requirements

  • See General Education
  • Foundation Courses (9)
  • Distribution Courses (11)

Departmental Core Requirements

  • THR 103 Introduction to the Theatre
  • THR 104 Fundamentals of Production
  • THR 400 Shakespeare
  • THR 411, 412 History and Literature of Theatre I and II
  • Two advised electives 

Design/Technology Emphasis

  • THR 107  Acting I-Foundations                                  
  • THR 217  Scene Design                                              
  • THR 228  Theatre Graphics                                                         
  • THR 229  Lighting Design                                               
  • THR 241  Costume Design                                               
  • THR 445  Advanced Studio Design                                             

Choice of:

  • THR 413  History and Literature of Theatre III or
  • THR 414  American Theatre and Drama
  • FAA 220  Foundations of Drawing                                   
  • FAA 245  Water Media                                               
  • FAA 344, 345  History of Décor and Fashion I & II           
  • Eight practiums (one credit each)