EAGLE Leadership

Experience And Growth in Leadership Education

(Recipient of the New York Leadership Educators Consortium 2008 Innovative Program Award and 2009 Visionary Award.)

The purpose of EAGLE is to develop leaders. EAGLE is a process of inner development designed to give you the skills to lead and the qualities to be a leader. The EAGLE experience will develop in you the needed attitudes and abilities to excel in whatever you choose to do in life. EAGLE is a learning community that transcends academic disciplines.The EAGLE experience is for those who are committed to their own intellectual and spiritual growth. It is for those who are prepared to accept the call to adventure on the hero’s journey of inner development. While your academic courses are meant to prepare you for a career, EAGLE prepares you for life.

The EAGLE process incorporates a mentoring approach to provide you with the guidance, support, encouragement, tools, resources, and experiences to help you reveal and express the unique leader that resides within you.

EAGLE is open to all students who are prepared to commit to the pursuit of their own development and to contribute to the development of others who seek to learn what it means to be a leader. To enroll in EAGLE, email your intentions to eagle@niagara.edu. The EAGLE coordinator will contact you to schedule an interview to discuss the program’s requirements. We hope you will accept the challenge to become an Eagle leader.