Endowed Scholarships

Unrestricted Scholarships (Need Based)*

  • Barrett Scholarship
  • Lehner Scholarship
  • Brennan/Ciciarelli Scholarship
  • McKenna Scholarship
  • Congregation of the Mission Scholarship
  • Moran Scholarship
  • Corbett Scholarship
  • Muller Scholarship
  • Daley Scholarship
  • NU Ball Scholarship
  • De Laura Scholarship
  • NU Financial Scholarship
  • Downes Scholarship
  • Rev. Brian O’Connell Scholarship
  • Franklin Scholarship
  • Msgr. J. Stanly Ormsby Scholarship
  • Garvey Scholarship
  • Basil Ormsby Scholarship
  • Gross Scholarship
  • Quinquennial Scholarship
  • Gough Scholarship
  • Rothschild Scholarship
  • Hille Scholarship
  • Soulerin Scholarship
  • Kane Scholarship
  • Washuta Family Scholarship
  • Kavanagh Scholarship
  • Wyoming Valley Club Scholarship

* Contact the Financial aid Office for eligibility

Restricted Scholarships

Msgr. Richard S. Amico Scholarship
Awarded with preference to graduates of Niagara Catholic High School from St. Joseph’s parish, Niagara Falls, NY
Elizabeth R. Berl Memorial Scholarship
Awarded to NU student from Rochester area.
Mark & Deborah Bonner Scholarship
Awarded to a needy, upper class accounting major with at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA.
Kathleen L. Branigan Scholarship (co-sponsored by Exxon Corporation)
Awarded to a needy, humanities major.
Michael & Augusta Brannen Scholarship
Awarded to needy full-time students who are dependent(s) of full-time employees with 5 or more years of service at Niacet Corporation,  Niagara Falls, NY.
Julie Burdick Scholarship
Awarded to a theatre studies major with a commitment to performance.
Burke Family Scholarship
Awarded to Roman Catholic, needy graduates of a Niagara County high school.
Buttimer Scholarship
Awarded to a parishioner of St. Peter’s or St. Paul’s, Rome, NY.
James L. and Kathleen B. Byrne Scholarship
Awarded to a Roman Catholic student from Syracuse or Onondaga County, based on academic excellence and financial need.
Gertrude D. Campbell Memorial Scholarship
Awarded to a matriculated student from Western NY.
Carroll Scholarship
Awarded to a student studying for the priesthood from Lockport, NY.
Rev. Thomas Casella, CM Theatre Scholarship
Awarded to a needy, Theatre Studies major.
Armand & Eleanor Castellani Scholarship
Awarded to a full-time transfer student in the College of Business from Western New York with a minimum transfer QPA of 3.00. Renewable.
Vincentian Scholars Scholarship
Awarded to students based on community service, academic ability and financial need.