Dr.  Joseph Little

Dr. Joseph Little

Associate Professor of English and Director of WRT 100

Office Location:
Dunleavy Hall, Room 351


After working for several years in industry as a technical writer and curriculum developer, I joined the English faculty at Niagara University in 2005, where I currently teach undergraduate courses in writing and direct the university's first-year writing program. My courses include:

  • WRT 100, Thinking and Writing
  • ENG 343, Writing and Well-Being
  • ENG 345, Science Writing
  • ENG 348, Ethnography and Travel Writing
  • ENG 355, Teaching Composition

My primary specialty is scientific and technical communication. On this front, I have recently completed a 9,000-word manuscript exploring the rhetorical dimensions of Japanese physicist Hantaro Nagaoka's mathematical account of atomic spectral emissions, paying particular attention to the role of analogy and synecdoche in his argument. This manuscript has been accepted for publication in an interdisciplinary volume currently being shopped around by James Wynn of Carnegie Mellon University. On the horizon is a study of the competing values of readability and computational efficiency among software developers writing in object-oriented programming languages, such as C++ and Python.

My secondary specialty is ethnography and travel writing with an international focus. My most recent work in this area, a book-length travelogue titled Letters from the Other Side of Silence, will be published by Homebound Publications in 2017. All author profits from the sale of this book will be donated to the Friendship Village, an orphanage in Hanoi, Vietnam, that serves 120 children and young adults living with moderate to severe disabilities owing to Agent Orange exposure.

For more information, please see my CV or email me at jlittle@niagara.edu. Students interested in completing an honors or departmental thesis under my direction should contact me at least one month prior to the start of the semester.