Faculty & Staff Giving

Martha "Martie" E. Howell (1996)

Director of Niagara's Student Accounts Office

As a student, I received the Niagara Shares Scholarship. When I received the scholarship, it was such a wonderful gift from the employees of Niagara University. After I became an employee, I wanted to give back to the program that had helped me. Even small amounts can make a difference for our students. If many people give small amounts, they will add up.

Library Staff

As employees, we get so much support from NU in terms of benefits, tuition remission, and a great work environment, that the least we can do is give something back. Plus, Niagara is more than just our employer, it is our community.
-- David M. Schoen, Director of Libraries, Kris Schrader, Technical Assistant — Cataloging

Jay Stockslader

Director of Continuing Education

I can always DO more… BE more… GIVE more… PRAY more and have more JOY every day. Therefore, it is an exciting time at NU with a campus emphasis, public relation focus, and inspiration words of using MORE. I give to NU because the MORE I give of myself, my time, my finances, the MORE peace and blessings I receive every day.

Human Resources Office

When I reflect back on my years here at Niagara University and what it has afforded me and my family, I’m thankful and would like to see the same for others. Giving back to Niagara just seems like the right thing to do — it is an investment in our future and the future of many young adults.
-- Rita Geiben, ’99, ’05, Employment Manager

I feel, as a student and an employee, that Niagara University is a wonderful place. I view my experience here as part of my life cycle. I received an invaluable education, and gained both personally and spiritually through my experiences here. I contribute to Niagara University because my life cycle would not be complete unless I return the blessings I have received.
-- Christine Hart, ’00, ’12, Benefits Manager

I appreciate everything the university does for me and my family, and this is just my way of giving back a little to say thank you. I think it's important to support the university in any way we can.
-- Amy Smith, Administrative Assistant

Rev. Joseph G. Hubbert, C.M., Ph.D. (1973)

Vincentian Religious Superior, Associate Professor of Religious Studies

In my mind, support for Niagara University flows from the words of the old Alma Mater, "This is our home our college home..." Niagara has been "home" for me as a student, as a professor, and as a member of the Vincentian Community. I am glad to have the chance to join in the ongoing effort to make sure that such a "home" might be possible for students seeking to gain wisdom, knowledge and spiritual direction in their lives, as well as, to be able to impact our world in a positive way.

Dr. Eddie Friel, OBE

Expert-in-Residence, Hospitality Training and Research Center, College of Hospitality and Tourism Management

In an increasingly secularized world where moral relativism is the order of the day, young people today need a reliable compass to navigate through the minefield of 'choices' open to them. I do not know of any better guide than the Vincentian principles enshrined in an education at Niagara University. If we are really serious about reversing the economic and social decline of Western New York, then we should all invest in Niagara University.

Dr. Jan H. Van Harssel

Professor of Hospitality and Tourism Management

I've been at Niagara University for over 22 years and am blessed, every day, to work in such a challenging and rewarding environment. Both my children’s college education was made possible with Niagara’s generous support. Through the Faculty and Staff Campaign, I have the opportunity to give back and help others fulfill their aspirations. This campaign is not about a few people making major donations, it is about all of us doing what we can. Take advantage of our payroll deduction feature and make a commitment to what we do best here at Niagara — make a difference in the lives of our students. It matters.

Campus Safety

Each year, we are asked as faculty and staff, to invest in the university with a gift. Our support goes a long way towards making our institution strong; whether we support programs, the different colleges, or the areas of greatest need through the Niagara Fund. Our role is important to Niagara University and its students. It does not go unsaid that we already give our time and energy as employees, but this extra way in giving back is as valuable to our students. Take advantage of payroll deductions and the on-going feature when making your gift today.
-- John Barker, director of campus safety and the campus safety team

Christine Dunets

I believe that Niagara has had a significant impact on the lives and careers of those connected to the university. What makes the Niagara community work is our way of giving back to the Niagara Fund and playing an important role in the experiences of students on a daily basis.
-- Christine Dunets, Gift Accountant — Advancement Services

Richard Basile and William Kirsch

I have been blessed with a good job at Niagara University for 20 years. I give for two reasons. One, as a way of showing appreciation and for the privilege of my children attending Niagara. Secondly, I give to enable others to share the Niagara experience and achieve their dreams. What better legacy is there than helping our youth reach their potential?
-- Richard Basile, Foreman — Facility Services

I started giving to Niagara University after a presentation made by the Faculty/Staff Committee. I learned that the employee participation rate is looked at for qualifying grants and foundation monies. I felt my contribution would help to improve that participation rate and help students looking for a college education. It’s my way of keeping the Niagara community strong.
-- William H. Kirsch, Mason/Carpenter — Facility Services