Your portion is ONLY $45 with proper tuition assistance approval. $795.00 per class

The TA submitted will cover $750.00.  Please see your Educational Adviser (EA) and the TA example.

Yes. If you need one or two of the courses, we are happy to provide those for you. If you choose to stay for all five courses, we are happy to provide those as well.  

The NU GEM Application is only needed for registering.  Contact your Educational Adviser (EA) for uploading the TA, COE, or NOBE to the AI portal for payment.

It is best if the TA form is submitted through the AI Portal.  As of March 14, 2014 Niagara is required to only accept TA's through the AI Portal.

Ideally, all students will register as early as possible to allow for the paperwork to be processed as well as all accounts to be created. The latest to register for a GEM course is noon on the Thursday before a course begins. If registering at this time, we also recommend calling the Office of Continuing Education at 716.286.8181 to ensure the paperwork was received.

Generally, you will need a computer and the Microsoft Office suite including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

For the public speaking class, you will need a device to record yourself presenting speeches (a webcam or videocamera is sufficient).  

The instructors in the class will let you know if there are special requirements ahead of time.  

An email will be sent approximately 1 week prior to the start date of your course detailing all of the information needed for logging into the Niagara systems. You will be provided an email address as well as information about our learning management system, Blackboard.

Contact information will also be provided in case there are any issues or concerns along the way. We are always happy to help.

  • Military benefits, contact Rob Healy, Veteran Services Coordinator
  • Registering for the class or to confirm your form processed, contact Continuing Education
  • Blackboard or technology requirements, contact the IT Help Desk
  • Online academic supportAcademic Support is available if you need additional assistance academically to complete your courses. Online tutoring is available by appointment. On-demand resources for some classes are available through the OAS website.  

Please note that dropping a course may affect benefits. Students needing to drop a course will be responsible for informing Rob Healy at rhealy@niagara.edu via email no later than the end of the business day of the drop date listed with current and approved courses. 

Final official grades are posted in WebAdvisor upon completion of the course. Please allow time for grades to be processed and posted.  

We may be able to offer tutoring services through Academic Support.  Please email dmoore@niagara.edu and rhealey@niagara.edu to arrange for this.  It is crucial that you contact us as early as possible so that we are able to find a tutor and make necessary arrangements.  

A fill-able Transcript Request form for CCAF can be downloaded here or the general transcript request form can be found at www.niagara.edu/records-request-a-transcript

Unoffical final grades are provided through WebAdvisor for your convience.  Please follow these directions

Visit www.niagara.edu

Click on the link for WebAdvisor

Click on Students

Click on Log In

Locate the Academic Profile section in the bottom right and click on Grades

Select the semester you would like to view

Click Submit

You should be able to print this screen for your records.

To request an official transcript please complete the appropriate form located in Helpful Links.