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Freshman Year”¦Finally!

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Hi, everyone! My name is Michael Stilson and I'm an early childhood/childhood education major from Kenmore, New York. I am so glad to have finally graduated from high school. I've been excited about going to college before I even started high school! (I think I started looking at colleges in middle school!) That's normal...right?

Now I'll just talk about my experiences at NU thus far:  

So, why Niagara?  

There are numerous factors that lead me to Niagara. Academically, the College of Education has that one-on-one experience that larger universities just couldn't provide. I mean, aren't we all going to college for the same reason? The experienced professors at Niagara will prepare us for the future job force. When I toured during my junior year, I fell in love. I loved how all of the buildings looked so collegiate while still being fully updated with the modern technology students need today.

How was moving in?

Flawless. As soon as we parked in the designated parking lot, numerous orientation assistants brought up my stuff with a smile. I didn't even have to pick up one thing!  

Meeting People?

Coming into Niagara, I was worried about making new friends. Boy was I wrong! During orientation, I have met so many nice people. Making friends at NU isn't about lame ice breakers. Everyone is so friendly here. Just put yourself out there. If I can make friends, so can you!  


The food here is amazing! I really loved meeting with friends to go to eat lunch or dinner together.  


Sure, everyone gets homesick here and there. But, you really get a sense of a new family here at NU. You laugh together, eat together and, finally, study together. I think the thing I miss most about my family is my dog. His name is Charlie.  

So I guess that's it for now. If you have any questions about Niagara, don't hesitate to email me!

Michael Stilson