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Freshmen Year Reflection

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Hello, all! I cannot believe that I will become a sophomore in just a week. I thought that I'd make my last post for the year, complete with lessons that I learned. I hope that I can blog for you guys next year, too! Here we go:  

Making Friends    

Believe me, coming into college I was petrified of being alone. I was so worried that I would be too scared to talk to anyone in the beginning and then miss my chance at making friends. I am lucky to go to a college where virtually everyone is kind to me. My advice is to try to get out of your comfort zone and start talking to someone. Yes, I know that it's easier said than done. But If I can do it, so can you. Just be yourself.  

Communication is Key  

One thing that I noticed in my first semester is how easily a person's new friendship can be affected. For instance, I found that a lot of the arguments that went on in my group of friends arose from lack of communication. I only say this because if something is going wrong and you try to ignore it, it won't go away. It may tough having awkward, stressful conversations, but know that they will help in the long run.  

Taking Care of Yourself  

Before NU, I hadn't been away from home for more than a day. Becoming in independent in college can be tough. However, it is an essential life skill that will only help you. Try doing things yourself and become less dependent on your parents. I'm not saying never ask for help, or alienate your parents. For me, I want to show my parents that I am a trustworthy individual that can get things done.    

Never Doubt Your Abilities  

This will take some time to get used to. In high school, I was pretty much a "B student." Coming into college, I would strive for that grade because I would think that I could never get an A. Fortunately, I just got an A- in my math class. All I'm trying to say is that you may think you know your capabilities, but you could do even better than expected. Strive for the best.  

Take Advantage of Your Resources  

I talked about this one in one of my previous posts. Everyone at Niagara, both faculty and staff, are here to help you. If you're going through virtually anything, they will find a way to make it better. Please do not feel embarrassed about asking for help. It can really make a difference on your outlook and success in college.    

So I guess this is it. I really will miss NU during the summer and I am excited to be starting my sophomore year!

Have a great summer!  

Michael Stilson