Students in the general theatre emphasis explore this unique art form through a broad spectrum of theatre studies and experiences. In addition to performance and design/technology classes, general theatre students are acquainted with various areas of theatre studies, including directing, dramaturgy, performing arts management, playwriting and stage management.

Graduates of the general theatre sequence may pursue entry level positions in theatre, entertainment management or production. They may also continue theatre related studies for careers in education or professional theatre.

BFA - General Theatre Degree Requirements

General Education Requirements

  • See General Education
  • Foundation Courses 9
  • Distribution Courses 11

Departmental Core Requirements

  • THR 103 Introduction to the Theatre
  • THR 104 Fundamentals of Production
  • THR 400 Shakespeare
  • THR 411, 412 History and Literature of Theatre I and II
  • Two advised electives  

General Theatre Emphasis

  • THR 101-102 Performance Technique I & II
  • THR 362 Dramatic Theory and Criticism
  • THR 413 History and Literature of Theatre I
  • THR 414 American Theatre and Drama   1                        
  • Two design/technical electives
  • Two performance electives
  • Six practicums (one credit each)
  • THR 430 Senior Seminar
  • One advised elective