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Biology and Chemistry

Religious Studies

Getting lost in a great novel.
Going on walks throughout campus and along the gorge.
Undertaking spontaneous activities/events.
Acrobatic Yoga.

President of Niagara University Men's Club Soccer
Research Assistant
Peer Tutor
Student Panel Leader
Summer/Fall Orientation Leader
Teacher's Assistant/Recitation Leader
Member of Biology Club, Circle K, American Chemical Society (ACS)

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Well hello again! It's been a while; things have been a little hectic around here so I apologize to those who consider themselves avid blog readers of mine (if there are any, ha).

Anyhoo, like I said, things have been crazy around here lately. With the end of the semester on the horizon, that means all of the major projects are being crammed in with tests and other normal assignments. Needless to say, I'm a little surprised I'm still sane after this semester.  

If you recall, I work under Dr. Gallo on his “research team” (not sure what to call us) and that work has paid off since I was able to present at the Rochester Academy of Science Paper Session (the picture is of the presenters from NU). Even though it isn't that major of an accomplishment, I felt an overwhelming pride as I stood by my poster and answered questions asked by professors, students and others who attended the session. This was hopefully the first step I needed to really get my scientific extracurricular activities going.  o when I'm not studying or taking a break, I am in the lab continuing my work.

I took my first religion class this semester and, as a part of the course, we had to read three books: Deep River, Monks of Tibhirine, and Acts of Faith. All three impacted me by the characters beliefs to dedicate themselves to helping others, something I value greatly and so I decided to pick up a minor in religious studies now. I think it is vital not only as a prospective medical professional to know different ethnic backgrounds, but also as a human being — even though I don't practice any religion myself — to try and bridge our differences to leave a better tomorrow. So that's that, hope I don't scare anyone away with these serious thoughts!

It's almost Thanksgiving! That time of the year of where you sit down with your family, catch up, laugh, hug and stuff your face! I look forward to being home since the end of August. I'll be catching up with all of my family and friends, having a grand ol' time.  

Then working Black Friday again! If you read my blog last year at this time, then you know that I'm going to say take it easy on us employees! That day is a madhouse and if you yell at us, we are more inclined to not help you even more than we might not want to already”¦ so be gentle, please!

Be safe everyone, and enjoy the time spent with loved ones.

“Because the most important thing you can learn is how to turn an Idea into Reality.” — Jeff Pinzino

Autobotss”¦ ROLLLL OUTTTT!

James Lioi