Class Year:
Senior (Honors Program)

TESOL K-12 and French 7-12

Writing novels and poetry, reading, playing piano, playing guitar, singing, watching movies, running in the Gorge, hanging out with friends.

Extracurricular Activities:
NUFTA, Leadership, Chapel Choir, Honors Program, Varsity Village CA

Goodness Gravy-cious!

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Hi, everyone!

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, so I thought it would be appropriate to count down  the top 10 things I'm thankful for at NU.

10. Spring semester is fast approaching! I will be so glad to sign up for classes this Wednesday. I'm looking forward to all new classes, because it gives me the opportunity to learn from different professors and meet new people.

9. Kiernan/Dwyer. It's obviously good to stay active on campus, and I love that there's so many different programs offered to stay in shape. Open ice skating nights at Dwyer are my absolute favorite.

8. The setup/aesthetic of the campus. As the weather begins to get colder around here, it's nice to be able to know that it's generally a five minute trip to a location on campus. I might be more than a bit biased, but I also believe that Bisgrove is one of the prettiest buildings on campus, and I cannot wait to start an education course in the building next semester!

7. Learn & Serve. This should probably be further up on the list for what I am grateful for, but I value most of these equally. It's so great to be able to work in a classroom, actually teaching the students while also observing different teachers' lesson styles. I appreciate that this quasi-student teaching experience starts the first semester of freshmen year, because if I did decide this major wasn't for me, I would have taken a few classes and had actual experience in the classroom to affirm of my decision.

6. The NU Express. Sometimes we just need to get off campus, and there's nothing better than the purple bus that takes us to the outlets and various plazas. It's extremely beneficial for those of us that need to start thinking about Christmas shopping and don't have a car on campus! Because of the bus, I've had numerous adventures that were well worth the trip.

5. The library. I've already rented so many movies from the extensive DVD selection, which have led to many entertaining movie marathon nights with my friends. The library's also just a great place to study or of course pick up a book, whether for reading or recreation. The room for education majors is particularly a favorite haunt of mine.

4. All of the activities I'm able to be involved in on campus (see my previous blog post). Although sometimes it's stressful to schedule my time for them, they're a great way to feel even more a part of NU. I know they're giving me experience that I will hopefully someday be able to use on my resume, and I have fun taking part in them.

3. Tim Hortons in Gally. Laugh all you want; the French vanilla cappuccinos are the only thing that keeps me going!

2. My dorm room. Clet has a homey atmosphere that I honestly haven't felt in any of the other dorm buildings. Since it's smaller, most residents know one another, so we tend to be almost like family.

1. My new friends. I've met so many wonderful people on campus, no matter how corny that sounds. There's always someone that I can cross paths with to brighten up my day. So many people are willing to be there to make me laugh, and I just hope that they know I appreciate it.

Of course, I do have to mention that I'm equally as thankful that Thanksgiving is next week, so I get to go home to my family. I will be happy to just be able to be back in my own room, relaxing and finishing writing the novel I'm working on for NaNoWriMo. I can't deny that I've also been anxiously waiting to get back to my piano at home. My mom's huge home-cooked feast will be disappearing fast once I get home!  

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Type to you soon! :)