NU Sustainability

  • Earth Day 2014
    Earth Day 2014
  • Arbor Day 2014
    Arbor Day 2014
  • Arbor Day 2014 A finished Product!
    Arbor Day 2014 A finished Product!
  • Arbor Day 2014
    Arbor Day 2014
  • Arbor Day 2014 Hard at Work
    Arbor Day 2014 Hard at Work

Niagara University's sustainability committee is charged with enhancing the ability of current generations to meet their needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

Environmental Goals

  • Identify areas where the university can benefit from more environmentally responsible practices.
  • Facilitate positive actions to improve the physical environment of the university.
  • Educate and explore opportunities to improve or start new educational programs that highlight "green issues" on our campus.
  • Lead or initiate programs to improve our physical surroundings and build awareness to the issues that confront our world.

Reduce, Reuse Recycle Goals

  • Reduce: Minimize our waste stream by increasing our knowledge   of other environmentally-friendly processes and actions.
  • Reuse : Start or enhance programs that will increase the life of previously purchased materials.
  • Recycle: Promote the increased use, and ease of programs that restore materials to an almost new condition.

Energy Goals

  • Change the way the university faculty, staff and administration think about energy usage.
  • Find ways to conserve electricity and avoid using fossil fuel-generated electricity.
  • Consider alternatives to fossil fuels for vehicles and building systems.
  • Recommend that we purchase items that are energy efficient.
  • Communicate what Niagara is doing to protect the environment to the university community.