Recognition Throughout the Years

Students who commit to the demands and rigors of the Niagara University Honors Program receive special recognition as academic leaders.  Third and fourth-year students are invited to present their research at the program's annual research conference held each Spring. Upon completion of the program, all University and Departmental Honors students receive a certificate and notation of either University or Departmental honors placed on their official transcript. University Honors graduates are identified at commencement and by the wearing of the gold Honors tassel.

Preparation for Future Years

The University Honors Program offers students with proven academic achievement a superb preparation for graduate and/or professional school. More important, the University Honors Program prepares the student for a world that is more sophisticated, complicated, and ever-changing. In such an environment, knowledge alone is not enough. The ability to think critically, write effectively, and solve complex problems is an imperative for all higher-level learning. These are the objectives of the Honors Program at Niagara University -- an invaluable academic experience for all its participants.