Literacy Minor

Deciphering a word problem in mathematics or comprehending a chapter in social studies is an example of the need for strong literacy skills critical for success in contemporary K-12 schooling. Additionally, most careers these days require well-developed reading, writing and listening skills.

There are many dedicated teachers who effectively teach literacy skills, but many students struggle to attain the expected literacy benchmarks. Schools today are seeking teachers specifically trained in enhancing the literacy performance of at-risk readers.

Emphasizing problem prevention and correction at all student levels, this high-demand Minor in Literacy is available to undergraduate education majors only. Maximize your dual initial teacher certification program by selecting the coursework below – a few of which are already part of your program requirements!

Courses Required

  • EDU 271  – Foundations of Literacy Instruction
  • EDU 376  – Language Arts Integration (or) EDU 377  – Literacy Development
  • ENG 354  – Children and Adolescent Literature
  • ENG 355  – Teaching of Composition
  • EDU 372  – Literacy Assessment and Differentiated Instruction
  • EDU 373  – Organization and Management of the Diverse Literacy Classroom

If you are a current student and would like further information on this minor, please see your advisor. You can also contact the College of Education’s Dean’s Office at 716.286.8560.