Dr.  Eduard Tsekanovskii

Dr. Eduard Tsekanovskii


Office Location:
Dunleavy Hall


Extensive experience in educating students in Mathematics at the secondary, undergraduate and graduate level. Taught basic mathematical courses such as Calculus, Linear Algebra, Analysis, Complex Analysis, Differential Equations, Functional Analysis, Topology as well as special courses on Operator Theory, Spectral Theory in Hilbert and Krein spaces, and System Theory. Served as Supervisor for 10 Ph. D. and many Master students. Taught classes on Mathematics and Math Education at Mathematics High School for Gifted Students.

Current Research

Published 146 research abstracts, papers, manuscripts and preprints in Operator Theory, Complex and Functional Analysis, Mathematical Physics and System Theory (100 published and accepted articles in various refereed International Mathematical Journals). Participated as an invited speaker at the International Conferences and Workshops in Canada, Japan, Poland, Germany, France, Netherlands, Czechoslovakia, Israel, USA, USSR, Ukraine, Romania. Lectured as a Colloquium & Seminar & Workshop speaker at the University of Buffalo, University of Missouri, University of Totonto, College of William&Mary, University of North Carolina, Kansas State University, Michigan State University, Whichita State University, Kent State University, University of Groningen, University of Bordeau, Tel-Aviv University, Ben-Gurion University, Washington University, Moscow University, University of California, McMaster University, Notre Dame University, Wayne University and others.

Educational Background

Master in Math & Math Ed., Odessa (Ukraine) Pedagogical University, Ph.D.& Doctor of Science in Physics & Mathematics, Physics & Engineering Low Temperature Institute, Kharkov, Ukraine, Doctor of Science in Mathematics, Institute of Mathematics of the Ukrainian Academy of Science, Kiev, Ukraine.

Current Involvement

Serve as a reviewer and referee for the International Mathematical Journals. Visiting Professor at Jagellonian University (Krakow, Poland), Leipzig University (Leipzig, Germany), Weizman Institute of Science (Rechovot, Israel), University of Missouri (Columbia, Missouri, USA), University of Groningen (Groningen, The Netherlands). Miller's Scholar at the University of Missouri-Columbia,USA.