Meet the Specialists

Dr. John Hannon

Assistant Professor of Management


Areas of Expertise:  Social Entrepreneurship; Business Strategy and Policy; Human Resource Management; International Management

Award winning professor Dr. Hannon joined the Niagara faculty in 2011 after teaching at Purdue University, Keio University (Japan), and the University at Buffalo. For the last 20 years, Professor Hannon has been teaching entrepreneurship, human resource management and new product development classes for MBA programs in the U.S., Japan, China, Taiwan, Russia, Korea and Singapore. Since starting the entrepreneurship program at the University at Buffalo in 2000, Professor Hannon has taught almost 1,000 MBA students enrolled in his entrepreneurship courses. He developed his early insights into entrepreneurship as a teen paperboy, door-to-door salesman (seasonal fruits and vegetables), parking lot attendant, children’s carnival organizer, laundromat cleaner, t-shirt printer, ticket scalper, bumper sticker salesman, apartment building owner, and motel operator.

Professor Hannon is not just a theoretical “ivory tower” academic, in that he has over seven years of full-time industry experience in the computer (IBM), auto (Trico Products), utility (National Grid), and banking (M & T Bank) industries. He has also worked as a consultant for dozens of MNCs worldwide, including IBM, Caterpillar, Kaleida Health System and Indiana Gas. Professor Hannon has also served as an advisor to 20-plus start-up companies. He has been a personal and professional mentor to MBA students and established professionals who have started many successful new ventures, including Student Voice, Inquery, Escapewire Solutions, First Tracks, KB Twist, Student Ladder, iNetwork USA, DL Sports, Action Photo Group, KinBridge and Entertainment & Sports Business Ventures. Four of the student-led companies he mentored have won the prestigious University at Buffalo Panacci Business Plan Competition, and its accompanying $50,000 cash & services award. One of these companies just completed a $40 million exit (with his students realizing all but a minimal amount of the profit).

Since 2006, Dr. Hannon has embraced and contributed to the field of multimedia learning. He recently graduated from the professional producing program at UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television. He also founded Beautiful River Entertainment, a film production company that has created numerous educational movies for McGraw-Hill in the areas of law and business. His company also produced Hockey Courage, an award-winning documentary profiling two handicapped sled hockey players’ quest to make the U.S. Paralympic team.