Standard 6

The College of Education has the leadership, authority, budget, personnel, facilities, and resources, including information technology resources, for the preparation of candidates to meet professional, state, and institutional standards.

1. Policies on governance and operations of the unit

2. Organizational chart or description of the unit governance structure

3. Unit policies on student services such as counseling and advising

4. Recruiting and admission policies for candidates

5. Academic calendars, catalogs, unit publications, grading policies, and unit advertising

6. Unit budget, with provisions for assessment, technology, and professional development

7. Budgets of comparable units with clinical components on campus or similar units at other campuses

  • Available in the Office of the Dean in a locked cabinet, ACAD 221

8. Faculty workload policies

9. Summary of faculty workloads

10. List of facilities, including computer labs and curriculum resource centers

11. Description of library resources

12. Description of resources for distance learning, if applicable.

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