Divisional Support Program

What is the goal of this program?

Recognizing that not every applicant to Niagara University fully meets the criteria that have been established for admission to the University, but cognizant of the potential that such applicants might have to be successful at the University, Niagara University has created the Divisional Support Program (DSP). Designed for a select number of first-year admits who are committed to developing their academic potential, the Divisional Support Program provides these students with individual support for achieving academic success at Niagara University.

Who participates in DSP?

DSP services selected first-year students at Niagara University who meet the criteria established by the dean of the college to which the student has applied.

What does DSP do for its students?

DSP provides weekly one-on-one progress conferencing for its students. The focus of these meetings is on the development of academic skills and of an individual support network to help program students succeed at Niagara.

What topics are included in progress conferencing?

  • Course Management: Students are instructed on the differences between high school and college courses, the expectations of college professors, the purpose and value of a course syllabus, and the "how-to’s" of communicating with college professors.
  • Self/Time Management: Students are taught how to use semester mapping for assignments and tests, how to create daily/weekly time management plans, and how to be assertive in managing their time and themselves.
  • Study Skills Training: Reading and note-taking strategies are demonstrated for students to practice using in their coursework.
  • Test-taking Skills Training: Students are instructed on how to prepare for various types of exams as well as how to learn from exams.
  •  Information/Referral: Students are provided with assistance in navigating various campus resources such as the services available for the Office of Academic Support, including peer tutoring, the Writing Center, the Reading Specialist, study skills workshops and video tapes, as well as other resources on campus: Counseling, Career Development, Health Services, Campus Activities, Financial Aid.
  • Introduction to Academic Policies and Procedures: Students learn how various academic policies and procedures may impact the decisions they make, such as class attendance, drop/add, satisfactory academic progress standards, incomplete grades.

How long do students participate in DSP?

Students participate for the first semesters at NU.