On behalf of all Niagara students, thank you for your support!

Each semester, a team of students call alumni, parents and friends of Niagara University during our annual Phonation appeal to give updates about current campus events and ask for continued support. This appeal raises more than $300,000 in pledges, cash and matching gifts for the university each year. Callers are ready and willing to talk about all of the great things happening on campus, their experiences as students and all of the ways your support benefits the 4,000 students currently on campus, so please answer when the phone rings!

DOUGHRAISERIt's a little known fact that tuition only covers 75 percent of the true cost of a Niagara education each year. Your generosity to the Niagara Fund provides essential support for student-faculty research ventures, library resources, computer labs, guest lecturers, funding for student clubs and activities, academic conferences, even desks in the classroom, bathroom essentials, and light bulbs in the dorms!

What should I say when a student calls me?

This is an excellent opportunity to receive updates on what is happening at Niagara while making your annual pledge to support the Niagara Fund. The student callers are ready to share their stories, information, and love to hear your stories too!

Not able to get to the phone in time?

No need to worry, you can still support the Niagara Fund now -  Give Today!

Want to be a student caller?

Please visit our application page:  Apply Today


Local Businesses Support Niagara Student Callers

During our Spring 2013 Phonathon, more than 40 students worked hard to call Niagara’s alumni, families and friends. These student callers helped to raise about $100,000 over three weeks! These gifts help to support the Niagara Fund, scholarships and financial aid, faculty and curriculum development, technology advancement, and campus improvements.

The Office of Alumni Engagement would also like to thank some of our local businesses who donated gift certificates to motivate students during the Spring Phonathon: Wegmans, Wendy’s, Niagara Landing Wine Cellars, Delta Sonic, Stuart Sports, Ashker's, Smith Brothers Pizza (the student callers love your pizza!), and a very special thank you to Brickhaus Inn for the wonderful accommodations for our phonathon director. Their support has truly gone a long way and means so much to our students at Niagara University. Remember, the phonathon will be back this fall!