Psychology students have a number of unique opportunities that enhance their academic experience, including:

  • Individualized student/faculty research experiences in psychology.
  • Internships and volunteering in counseling, educational and correctional settings.
  • Participation in local, regional or national scientific conferences in psychology.

The department's facilities include modern research laboratories in clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, and behavioral neuroscience. All labs are equipped with computers to assist students with their work in the laboratory and the classroom.

In the summer of 1997, the Psychology Department moved to the DePaul Science Building. Renovations to DePaul Hall provided laboratory facilities in clinical, cognitive, and developmental psychology in addition to the department's existing Biopsychology Laboratory. These renovations   benefit our students by providing additional research opportunities and learning experiences.

Biopsychology Laboratory

  • Dr Peter Butera, chairperson and biopsychologist, oversees the workings of the department's biopsychology laboratory, home of federally funded research on the hormonal control of ingestive behavior and sex differences in satiety.

Clinical Psychology Lab

  • The department's clinical psychology laboratory complex is home to the research of Dr. Timothy M. Osberg. Dr. Osberg's research currently focuses on the use of the MMPI-2 in correctional samples and a comparison of the MMPI-A and MMPI-2 profiles of late adolescents.

    Dr. Osberg also conducts research on the psychology of obesity and its treatment. He is currently developing a new measure of the construct of irrational food beliefs, which he believes plays a role in succeeding at weight loss and maintenance. The group research room pictured above enables testing and therapy with groups of participants. A one-way mirror allows for observational studies.

    The clinical psych lab complex also provides office space for student research assistants and students conducting senior honors thesis research. The complex's group room is the site of weekly seminar meetings for students participating in the practicum program. They are placed in various community agencies and meet to discuss their experiences with Dr. Osberg. The clinical psychology research group, comprised of students with interests in clinical research, also meets here weekly.

Cognitive Psychology Lab

  • In one of the small testing rooms, Jaime, Katie, and Melissa set up the computer for the eyewitness study.