Residence Life

Top 10 Things Not to Stress About at NU

1. Roommates

It's no problem at all if you don't find a roommate this summer. In fact, we recommend you let us match you with someone! The Residence Life staff has tons of experience making great roommate matches based on the preferences you indicate in the New Student Portal. Feel free to let us know more about you in the comments of your preference form through the portal and we'll find a roommate who is well suited to live with you!” Everyone's different, but we all have one thing in common - PURPLE PRIDE!

2. Finding Friends

It can be scary to come to college where you do not know many people - but that is what Orientation is for! Everyone is in the same boat and there will be plenty of opportunities for you to meet new friends and hang out with the Class of 2018! There's always a group for YOU here at NU!

3. Classes

Challenges will come your way, but, no worry, this is an education that makes a difference!

4. Meal Plans

How hungry are you?! Choose from The Big Three: 10 meals per week, 12 meals per week, or UNLIMITED!

5. Getting Involved

Over 100 clubs and organizations to chose from. We guarantee there is something for you!

6. Homesickness

If you are feeling blue, tune into the NU Clue and find out all of the great things to do! The NU Clue is a weekly video emailed to all students from the Office of Campus Activities. Students and faculty across the campus are featured in these videos to help promote the different weekly events that happen here at Niagara! Your community advisors also plan programs that can help you deal with any homesickness as well.

7. Safety

Lights, cameras, action! Blue light stations are available to call for help 24/7. Security cameras are set up in all buildings, including residence halls. Campus safety officers do rounds throughout the entire campus at all hours of the day and night.

8. Weather

No worries here, we already had the worst winter possible. #ThomasBurns to the rescue with two snow days in a row!

9. Support

Whether in class or in your room - night or noon - there is always someone there to guide you! The community advisors are students that were chosen to help support YOU throughout this transition from high school to college. The community advisors live on each floor of every residence hall. They can help you with anything from homesickness to academics, or roommate issues to personal concerns. These students are always willing to lend a helping hand and you should not be afraid to use them to help you obtain the once in a lifetime community experience that we want you to have here at Niagara

10. Resources

There are many resources on campus that are available to you such as Health Services, Counseling Services, Academic Support, the fitness center at Kiernan and many more! Keep your eyes peeled - there are services for you to be revealed!