Student Email

Student email can be found by clicking the "Mail" tab in myNU or directly in Google Apps at

Niagara University offers a Web-based email system for its students, Gmail, powered by Google. Students are given an email address using your first initial and last name, and if needed, a number. John Doe’s email alias would be, but the next John Doe would be, and the next Your personal email alias will be displayed within myNU.

In addition to this email address, students will be provided with a secondary email alias using the student ID number.   For example, if your student number is 56813, your alias would be

Further information on the PurplePass authentication system can be found at

About The Use of Email

Niagara University considers email to be an effective and official method of communication. E-mail offers many advantages such as timeliness, convenience, ease of use, and it is cost effective.

All Niagara University students will be given a Niagara University email account. The Office of Information Technology is committed to supporting these accounts through effective system administration and friendly support. The goal is to ensure that faculty and staff can effectively communicate with all Niagara University students through their Niagara University email address.


Niagara University Usage

Niagara University will use e-mail as an official method of communication. The University will e-mail students using their Niagara University supplied e-mail address. Students are responsible for the consequences of not checking their University e-mail regularly. Official Niagara University e-mails may be sent by faculty and staff.

Obtaining a Niagara University Student E-mail Account

All enrolled Niagara University students will be issued an email account on our web-based student email server (Gmail), This email account will be the official e-mail address the University will use for communication. If the student should have any problem with their email account, there are a variety of support methods available including the Office of Information Technology website, brochures and the student help desk in St. Vincent’s Hall.

Faculty Guidelines and Course Related Usage

Niagara University instructors may set guidelines in the classroom defining how students use email in their course. Many instructors will send email to students using the Blackboard Learning System. By default, this system is pre-populated with the student’s university email address. While the student can change the address, it is the student’s responsibility to make sure any other address is accurate and functional. Niagara University will only support the official student mail system.

Frequent Usage

Niagara University expects students to check their email frequently and regularly. Some communications may be of importance only if they are received in a timely manner. Instructors will expect students to be attentive to their email, as they can only have the assumption that the student receives their correspondences.

Appropriate and Acceptable Usage

All use of email will be consistent with other university policies. The use of email will be consistent with local, state, and federal law, including the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Communication through email may be both formal and informal. Some examples of email communication are events, account notices, class information, policy information and registration information.


Niagara University student email accounts are generated and purged automatically based on enrollment status. Students entering Niagara University will have an email account created for them at Orientation or when they register for classes.   Students will keep their account so long as they are enrolled in classes at Niagara. Once a student graduates or leaves Niagara, the account is purged after the add/drop period expires during the fall semester. This assures that the account status is related to records enrollment information and that the student was provided a suitable amount of time to enroll.   Once purged, accounts cannot be created again unless the student enrolls at Niagara. Niagara University does not maintain email accounts for alumni.

If I have questions or problems, what can I do?

  • Visit for online help.
  • Visit the IT Help Desk, St. Vincent’s Hall room 108 with your student ID for assistance Monday-Friday.
  • Call 716.286.8040.