Class Year:

Hospitality & Tourism Management

Traveling, & snowboarding

Outside Interests/Sports:
Badminton, racquetball & volleyball

Favorite TV Show:
How I met your Mother

Favorite Music:
All types of music

That Feeling of Accomplishment

December 14, 2011 by Brandon Sears

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Well it's that time of year again -  Christmas!

Everyone would always say that these two weeks are the craziest. I did not believe them, thinking, really how bad can it be? I take back every word that I ever said about Finals Week. When upperclassmen were telling me I was going to get no sleep, I thought they were just kidding. I had no idea how bad it is, and I'm only a freshman! I have never been quite as stressed as I was these past two weeks; the weekend cannot come soon enough. My friends have definitely been a big help over the past three weeks with relieving the stress from finals.

I honestly cannot believe that it is already the end of my first semester of college. It feels just like yesterday that I was loading up the car to come and move into Niagara. I am already halfway done with my first year of college...unreal.

Last weekend, I went with the HTA (Hospitality & Tourism Association) to Toronto. We went downtown, had the chance to explore the city and, then later in the night, we all went to Medieval Times for the dinner/show they have. It was a great time, and I would love to do it again.  

Christmas is definitely in the air here at Niagara. We have many Christmas trees decorated with lights around campus, the manger is set outside of the Gallagher Center and wreaths and lights appear on most of the buildings. I love this time of the year, it usually brings out the best in people and I cannot wait to spend this holiday season at home with my family.  

Here on campus, we have a club called CMAA (Club Managers Association of America) and, in February, we are going to New Orleans. This trip could not come soon enough. I am really looking forward to this trip because I have never been to New Orleans. I can't wait to go.  

I should probably go back to studying for those finals. Have a great holiday season, and happy New Year!