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Tips for Your First Semester

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Well hello there!  

Time flies when you're having so much fun at Niagara! I really cannot believe I'll have a semester under my belt in another week. I must admit, there were some issues here and there. However, I know that if I follow these steps, I'll be golden next semester (well...purple and white!).

Here are tips on what to do your first semester:

  1. Give yourself ample time to read your textbooks before class. I was having some trouble in biology and I just couldn't understand the concept of certain things. If you read ahead, you'll have a better understanding on what's going on in class. You'll also look smarter too!  
  2. Ask for help! I know that was the topic of my previous post. But it is so important. Coming to school was the first time in my life where I was alone. I have to say that it's a tough transition. Everyone needs help here and there. It's a terrible feeling when you get a grade on an assignment where you just know that you could have done better. There's nothing wrong with getting a tutor! It doesn't mean that you're dumb. It just means that you're using your resources.
  3. On the topic of resources, use the Internet wisely. Sure, you can go on Facebook, or tweet about how amazing this blog is. But you can use the Internet for much more! For instance, YouTube is a great source. Just the other week I was looking up the stages of mitosis. YouTube isn't only for cute cat videos.
  4. Schedule like there's no tomorrow! Well, the whole point is to schedule tomorrow, aha. I know you've heard this before, but scheduling can really improve your grades. Not only does it let you keep assignments on track, but it takes away so much stress too. I'm not saying schedule every 15 minutes of your day. Just a nice simple list for each day helps line your ducks in a row. And I'm sorry to disappoint, but ducks are not allowed in your dorms. I know, I was shocked too.
  5. Don't party hard. I don't party, but I have heard stories of students going out and wasting there lives away. Then they skip class and it just goes downhill from there. Think of some positive alternatives from partying. Like Late  Nite Niagara  each Friday! It's almost always free. Or, every Friday night, I watch an old episode of Grey's Anatomy and play board games with my friends. See? It's not only safe, but it's fun too! Yeah, I know I'm a nerd...

Well, since it is finals week, I have to study for some exams (yippee). I'm really looking forward to the spring semester and I really feel that with my experiences thus far, I can be successful. I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Happy Holidays,

Michael Stilson